Recession Soup Line Wow, excellent day today!!! No major work got done though, LOL, but a huge meeting with a new client and business source went extremely well. Less than 48 hours of retirement it seems I’m being pulled back into internet marketing. I kinda figured it would happen, but the size of the client and their contacts is huge. All the major banks use this client to buy leads, and there is potentially going to make some huge money running their whole affiliate marketing for a new consumer shopping discount shopping network site.

At the end of the day me and my partners had a great long long discussion about the business development and getting key clients that will brung us great referrals, and give us huge deals.

A great idea in times of a recession for internet marketers, IF you can deliver results is to get a percentage based deal where you get a upfront fee to cover your costs and workout a percentage on all deals, leads, or sales that are generated through your efforts.

One major hurdle that you will need to overcome is the tracking of all the leads if it is a services online business. For that I’ve got a custom lead management system built from scratch by me that I use to handle all of that complexities.

This idea is great for cash strapped business, BUT should only be considered if you as an internet marketer can deliver results. If you can’t then you are going to be wasting your time, and your soon to be former clients time. Don’t take something like this on because there are going to be sharks like me and my partners that deliver results and will go to your client and break down everything YOU are not doing for them and then bring that client on as one of our new clients. It’s a recession, everyone’s trying to eat, and only the sharks at the end are going to survives, so make sure you can deliver your results!!!

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