With the economy in a recession, it is no wonder major advertisers are pulling their print, TV, and radio ads in favor of online marketing.

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One of my closest friends in the world, Karla, just launched her new Website http://www.mygenerationgreen.net. In a serious time of recession it’s great to see a website come along and give people that are struggling a way to save several dollars.

I sat down with Karla today to catch up on the last 3 years and talk about her new business. First thing I noticed and she kept emphasizing for a while but I didn’t get it through my head was basically almost anything can be found on her site. And as a consumer you get huge, huge discounts and special savings for going to her website for them.

A perfect example, I’m looking for some new Adidas shoes, and get classics, and found out that they added Reebok and Adidas as a supplier so I get extra discounts for shopping through her site with them. The possibilities are endless. Everyday house cleaning supplies, name brand products, baby products, electronics, you are able to get huge discounts. This is a gold mine for any true penny pinchers out there. Check out her site and let me know what you think!! You can even sign up to make money selling the services! So you make more cash. Visit the site – http://www.myGenerationGreen.Net.

A Chance to Dream

On March 13, 2009, in Poem, by Adelard

by Adelard G. (May 18, 2007)

Wide awake thinking of you,
maybe it’s the too much energy drinks,
maybe it’s the lack of sleep,
maybe this is the best moment,
those days before you fall into a deep trance.
Is that what keeps me awake?

Think about talking to you,
stuttering when I want to ask you,
can I take you out for ice cream?
can you grant the one wish from my dream?
can I take you out for dinner then a movie?
can I be the one you fall for too?
these endless thoughts of being with you.
Is that what keeps me awake?

Wishing I could look into your eyes,
see your beautiful smile when you say good morning,
your sexy lips,
I wish I could ignore you,
but you make it extremely hard.
Am I suppose to work under these conditions?
Do you feel the same tingle in your stomach?
that I have when I hear your angelic voice.
Is that what keeps me awake?

Why don’t I have the courage to ask you?
Why do you look so sexy every time I see you?
How the hell does my work keep getting done?
If you were mine I’d give you the world,
and then the moon,
and then the stars in the sky.
I guess these are the moments we live for.
I gotta get some sleep.
I need to know.
If you only knew how much I want you…
I hope I’ll see you in my dreams at least…
maybe there…

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