I get a lot of requests for Internet marketing, and search engine optimization. I’ve worked for several Internet marketing companies. I’ve also prospected several Miami SEO companies for my personal clients.

Karma Snack is one of the best companies out there that is really doing big things. I have used them for a number of my clients now, and have seen awesome results. I even use them for a lot of person projects. I’m so involved in the company now, it’s like I work there. I’m still in negotiates with them to come on board and take a position at Chief Technology Officer like I was at when I worked for Optimum 7, where I helped build the company from the ground up.

Before that I worked at the now defunct Netspace.com, as Internet Marketing Director, but was only there for 4 months, since the company completely collapsed due to decisions made years before I got there. I even did some interviews with other companies that provided “Internet Marketing”, and “Search Engine Optimization”.

I learned a couple of this at my previous positions and through my experience since developing websites since 1995. Here are the top 12 things you should consider when think about going with a Miami SEO Company:

1. How do they handle their customers? Do they always answer the phone, or at least call you back immediately? Are they available to be reached after work hours? I don’t understand how a lot of corporate companies miss that.

2. How do they handle their employees? Do they pay them on time, every time, and even when they leave the company? How does their employees response to their clients, are they happy to be working there? Does the company make sure the employees are comfortable with their work environment, and doesn’t overload them with ridiculous amounts of work?

3. Do they treat their customers with respect? Do they give them advice and knowledge on how they can take part in improving their website and their online rankings? Do they always have an open dialogue and line of communication with them?

4. Do they get their clients results? Are there case studies, and testimonials from theirs about their results?

5. Do they always answer their client’s problems in a timely manner?

6. Do they bombard clients with over zealous requests, since remember, they have a business to run too!

7. Do they have a process that works to get things done? Do they having a project management system? There is a great tool to get things done – Base Camp offers a great service for just that.

8. Are there brainstorming sessions for new creative ideas for their clients? Internal brainstorming helps show the clients that you are thinking of them, and ways to improve their rankings. External brainstorming with the clients is also necessary to understand from their perspective where they want to go and how you can get them there.

9. Do they provide advanced tracking tools like a lead management system to handle your inflow of incoming leads? Karma Snack does.

10. Their presentation is key. Do they have a website that looks like you know what they are doing, and is vivid enough to convey that message that they get your problems and can answer them? If so they are golden.

11. And Repeat question 4. Do they get their client results?

12. Are their prices too low or too high? I mean an average national SEO campaign for medium to highly competitive keywords and industry should run at about 25K to 50K, if you want to dominate the marketing. Local should be around 10K to 20K. If a company is offering some 299.99 price deal, is there really quality in the work? Remember you get what you pay for, and in this economy no one can afford to through money at a none profitable marketing campaign.

Karma Snack gets it, that’s why I use them for over 90% of my personal website design and Internet marketing clients. Visit their website for more details – http://www.KarmaSnack.com.

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“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.”
– Sun Tzu

In order to dominate your competition, you have to know where you competition is going when it comes to growing their online presence.

It’s sometimes not simple to just Google them.

That’s where Google Alert comes in. Here is a quick guide on how to really CIA like details of what your competition is doing:

1. Visit http://www.google.com/alerts

2. In the search terms type in the competition’s website, example, if your competition is called seobook.com, type in “seobook”.

3. For type selected the “Comprehensive” Type. This makes sure that you get ANYTHING Google finds about that relates to that particular keyword.

4. I set how often to “As-It-Happens”, this way I’m able to react fast in case there is something that is news worth of knowing. Google does a great job of this, there are times that I post an Article on my blog, and within 5 minutes I’ve gotten a Google Alert of that Google Found the blog, so the speed is great, and convenience is perfect.

5. Set the email you want to Alerts going to. You can have it going to a separate email that you setup for alerts if you want. I set it up on my primary email account and it filters into a “Google Alert” folder.

6. You have to confirm the Google Alerts by going to the email you setup the Google alerts and clicking confirm. (I wonder if I really needed to write all that)

7. Repeat this process. In the above example, I will input an for “seobook”, “seobook.com”, the author’s name “Aaron Wall”, and other people and principals affiliated with the competition’s website, as well as all their brand names and products they offer. If I have a list of their clients, I add them as well. So whenever anything goes down, I get an immediate alert. If you have a Google account, you can login and it will also give you an option to get a feed of the alert instead of an email.

If you want to really take it to the next level, visit read more here -> “14 Tools to Legally Spy On Your Competition“.