Okay, I just got back from a sneak peek preview of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine. When the movie started, the films reel burnt… WTF. So it took another 15 minutes to fix that and get is running back up again. This is exactly why I don’t go to the movies anymore, especially Muvico… lucky this was free…

It had its moment, one moment; the very very beginning of the story is what I found to be the most interesting. Apparently Wolverine and Sabretooth (Liev Schreiber) are get this… brothers… Seriously, or half-brothers… That kinda got me pissed off… Schreiber was pretty good in the part of Sabretooth.

Anyways the story goes on through the wars they fought, and then Stryker comes into the picture, with the whole brotherhood thing. Then they break apart cause Login get a conscious. Then Login ends up in Canada with some chick. The Sabertooth “kills” her. Stryker comes in and offers Wolverine a chance to get even, the put the metal on him… bla bla bla. Story goes on. Nothing really surprising there.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. WTF. Seriously. I still see him as Van Wilder, so that really pissed me off even more.

This clown Cyclops is in the movie as well. I really don’t know what that angle was. Even Xavier makes a cameo walking… This movie was a disaster in my opinion. There was more cameo of mutants they I think where necessary and when they were there, it was simply that a cameo.

I was ready to see Gambit do some serious action, but all I got was 2 good scenes, and then an ending scene where he is playing with his stick. Honestly if you are going to put a character in like Gambit, give people what they want. I think they got a little out of hand with the CGI with Gambit’s powers… What else happened..? Oh yeah, Sabretooth breaks wolverine’s claws. on his left hand anyway…

I give it a grade of C-, see it just to see it, nothing exciting going on. What really needs to happen is they need to bring in Apocalypse into an X-Men movie. I would pay to see that. I got to see this movie for free thanks to the Sneak Preview, but I felt it was a waste of a Thursday afternoon. But it wasn’t all bad; my favorite part of the movie was seeing the Transforms 2 movie trailer…

I didn’t even stay for the end of the credit BS, cause I knew it would be retarded…

Bring Apocalypse!!! I’ll leave you with some quotes…

Apocalypse: I am Apocalypse! Look upon the future and tremble!

Apocalypse: I am Apocalypse! Look upon the future and tremble!

Apocalypse: I am the rocks of the eternal shore. Crash against me and be broken!

Apocalypse: Fool! You dare to claim dominion over me?

Apocalypse: [to Graydon Creed] I am as far beyond mutants as they are beyond you! I am eternal!

Apocalypse: I shall not forget this impudence!

Apocalypse: Two aspects apart a single Power beyond the comprehension to all but myself.

Spare me your petty judgment, for it springs from a brain too meager to comprehend my reality

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