Try Not To Burn Out

On May 27, 2009, in Personal Revelations, by Adelard

Try Not To Burn Out Seriously, the last 4 years I’ve been going at it pretty hard. Got that goal of trying to get a million. I’ve done the playbook. Sacrificed having a light, no partying, and no hanging out with friends, nothing, just trying to get to the level I need to be at financially. I’m almost there, I feel the sacrifices have been well worth it, and with several of my projects I am almost at the really get rich profit level.

In the last 4 years I went on vacation for about 3 weeks total, and those weeks were spent mostly with my family, so really no vacation. You know how it gets when you get family together for of all things a road trip.

Well everything almost came crashing down a couple of weeks ago. It’s like people all want, want, and want from you. There became hardly an instance were people were trying to give. Phone calls, emails, voicemails, all with people’s wants, they want me to do this, want me to do that, and oh by the way no upfront money, LOL, really. Jokesters. I was burnt out in all terms of the word; the only thing that kept me going was getting work done for my current clients. I wasn’t burnt out from working; I was burnt out from crazy demands from people that aren’t even considered to be my clients.

I seriously had to step back and re-evaluate who am I in contact with, who was MY best interest, and who has only THEIR best interested when contacting me on a personal level. Sometimes I wonder if all of these sacrifices are worth it, but then I remember why I do it.

For me it’s to be financially secure, happy, and doing what I love. In all accounts at this very moments I am doing great, so unloading all of unnecessary baggage whether it be personal or business helped me out a lot. I am refocused and energized to get the job done that I love so much. The one thing I love is getting that phone call from a new referral or prospect who was heard that I’m the man, everyone’s heard so much great stuff about me, I get the job done, and get really excited to work with me. Those are the moments I live for, cause that means there was another satisfied customer that I did well for.

I really hope that anyone that’s been down and almost out can relate to this message, keep on going, keep on at it, and but don’t burn out. Take a break when you need to, schedule yourself according ON YOUR TIME. And do what you love, otherwise you are just walking through a life that could be potentially more fruitful for you.

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