The Taking of Pelham 123 Sneak Preview

On June 3, 2009, in Movies, by Adelard

I just got back from viewing This Pelham 123 movie that comes out June 12, next next Friday. Sneak Peek Preview, gotta love them, I don’t paid anything. Staring Denzel Washington and John Travolta. “Chris” from “The Wire” is a passenger on the train, as well as the lead police detective from Transformers.

It is all the usual hostage taking negotiation, and someone the guy talking to the leading “terrorist” ends up at the scene of the hostage, this time it happens to be on a train.

Reading others, apparently this is a rewrite or remake of an earlier version of the movie. This is definitely a movie that the actors in it are only there to get their money. There will be no awards nominees for this bit.

Honestly there were a lot of great laughs throughout the movie. The writers got that part right at least.

When it comes down to it, it has all the typical bad guys die and good guy goes home to wife and lives happily ever after. I guess the best part was not paying to see this, cause I would’ve asked for a refund if I had.

Travolta has a great line that got me laughing. First he pretended to pray, and a minute later comes back on the radio and tells everyone he talked to God and stated “I trust in God, everyone else pays in cash.” LOL. Other than that I give this movie a C+ or B- to be generous.

The really sad part is I was able to predict the exact scenarios that where going to happen, someone in the ball park of what the characters where going to say, and the exact ending of the movie. It was really a typical hostage negotiation movie. If you seen one, you seen them all.

The opening was pretty interesting, they had Jay-Z’s 99 Problems playing as part of the intro. They really took it back getting that song on there. WTF, that was BEFORE Jay-z retired. They just threw that in there so Jay Z could get paid in my opinion. Let him get his money though. I ain’t mad.

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