A Bit More Restless Than Most Nights

On February 21, 2015, in Personal Revelations, by Adelard

Tonight I’m a bit more restless than most nights. Moving into the city is a bit more surreal that I realized. Living out in the suburbs the quietness is your friend, but here… Nothing is ever quiet. I guess I just have to get used to it. But I doubt that’s the reason I’m awake.

Every now and then I have flashbacks of people I used to know, wonder where they’re at, and whatever became of them. I don’t know why, or what I would tell them, just want to know what if they’re all right. I’ve been searching for one friend for a while now, Jamie, haven’t seen or heard from her in years, over a decade. Everyone else I’ve spotted, and found out what became of them, but her… nada, literally nada. It’s like she disappeared from the earth as soon as we lost touch. I do hope I see her one day in the future…

During these late night, I start looking at some of the scars I’ve accumulated throughout this venture… still wondering if it was all worth it. Then there are the ones that aren’t physical, the ones that I’ll have to battle mentally for the rest of my life… We’ll see where this road takes me…

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So I begin A New

On February 18, 2015, in Personal Revelations, by Adelard

It’s been a while since I updated this blog, but I figured I might as well let the world know what I’m up to.

One of the hardest things to do is leave something you created, but I had to leave Karma Snack to keep my balance. I realized I didn’t want to do SEO, client work, or anything that involved internet marketing for others.

Over the near 2 years since I updated this blog, I’ve got through some interest time period. It was as if I was on a fog laden journey ahead, with no real end goal in sight. I bounced from project to project, idea to idea, till I eventually started going back to doing the thing I was most passionate about, coding. I love coding, cause there is a zen aspect to it. It’s you versus yourself in a mental battle to create something and have it functioning properly.

So now I’m back doing the thing I love, programming for projects which have taken me to some interesting places around the world and back again. One thing I will miss is Miami. There are some ‘interesting’ characters to say the least, but overall I’ve left a lot of friends and friendships grew apart as the years strained the connections. I’ll miss Miami, but I figure a new city, a new venture – there is something about the Gotham energy that you can’t find anywhere else… Feels good to begin a new. I still have my business partner down there so I’m down there every now and then, but I had to start a new journey in a city.

Hopefully in the coming days, weeks, I’ll be writing a bit more and programming, and going over some marketing concepts, which I still love – there was just something about the SEO way that didn’t quite fit with what I wanted our of marketing, there needs to be more creativity, more energy, with SEO, it’s like you’re facing one opponent Google, and it’s a tiring never ending battle – that’s just not for me I guess. What I want to do is make a difference by making a process easier for end users, so I’m taking up several User Experience courses, and reading as many guides as possible to take my game to the next level. If there is anything worthwhile, I’ll definitely share it, and hopefully I can expand upon ideas to help anyone reading.

Till Next Time,

– Adelard

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Leap Motion Sucks! Must Read Review!

On July 5, 2013, in business, by Adelard
Leap Motion Sucks

Leap Motion Sucks

I don’t know if a group of monkeys are running the company or what, but they clearly don’t know the first thing about customer service. One, the whole experience is bad. At first they were scheduled to release their product a the beginning of the year 2013 – going off memory, failed to do that. The release date was pushed back, and back, and then finally a June 26th launch… That’s went trouble started…

It’s July 5th, I still don’t have my Leap Motion controller. I have no idea where it is, and to top it off their website is completely buggy, like how hard is it to run a website where your contact page doesn’t go to “Application Error” 75% of the time?

It’s clear they don’t want people to call them, cause that would make too much sense, let’s email them. I had a situation back in March where I had to update my credit card information. I contacted their Facebook page, instead of that person actually creating a support ticket for me, they told me to contact support and go through that – great customer service… clown.

I email support and explain the situation, they’re either retarded or full retarded. Have to re-explain in a follow up email that all I was trying to do was update my credit card information for my pre-order. You see the card expired since Leap Motion kept delaying their launch… but whatever, I still wanted the product. Anyways, I was taken to their form, seemed simple, too simple from my experience with them. I click update, system says the information has been updated, I even get a confirmation email it was updated.

Weeks go by, and June 26th comes around, I’m think, oh cool, I should be getting my order soon… Nope, I knew it was too easy… I get an email saying I need to update my credit card information and they are extending it to July 2nd. I’m like wtf? I already did that. Seems like their system didn’t take it… retarded web programmers I assume. I should have known then that there was something wrong, since I ALREADY updated my info with this same system – but that didn’t dawn on me… Anyways, I go back, and update my credit card information… A couple of dates go by and it’s July 2nd… Guess what I get? Another freaking email. This time, they tell me, they realized they screwed up their system and it wasn’t updating the credit card information right…

Well, I wish they had a phone number that went to a direct person instead of “please leave a message and we’ll get back to you”, cause I could have helped these clowns resolve this problem months ago. Anyways, I just inputted my credit card info for a 3rd time into their buggy system, the deadline for this input was July 7th, A SUNDAY…. Because that makes sense. What if someone has to get in contact with these clowns since their system is known not to work.

I have to wonder if Leap Motion has this kind of incompetence through it whole company or is it the clowns that take care of customer service, and their buggy website that can’t even get to their contact form 75% of the time without an “Application Error”, just 2 isolated incidences?

It’s clear they don’t knowing the first thing about customer service. It’s clear they don’t know how to even run a simple website. And now I’m suppose to sleep at night known my credit card information is floating around on some buggy server of theirs… yeah… sure… Who knows if I’ll ever get that Leap Motion device anyways.

Think about this email subject like – “Urgent: Your Leap Motion Shipment is At Risk.”, LOL, yeah from you clowns, can’t even get a simple website order form together…

Fun Fact the device deals weren’t because of hardware problem, but software problems. As a programmer, I’m not surprised. If you can’t get a website to work, how are you going to get complex algorithms or programming to work? Horrendous experience.

– Disappointed customer Adelard Gasana