Optimum 7’s Former CTO, Co-Founder, and brand creator, Adelard Gasana’s Takes On The Internet

Adelard Gasana, Karma Snack and The Importance of A Skilled Marketing Campaign

Karma Snack

Adelard Gasana, a widely known internet marketing consultant and the creator of the Optimum 7 marketing brand, shared his experience with new entrepreneurs by Florida University. Gasana, who is currently the owner of his own company, Karma Snack, is widely known as a skilled marketing consultant and SEO advertising expert.

Adelard Gasana, Karma Snack and SEO Success

Gasana started his computer and internet-marketing career very early, being recruited by Stanford University to join their computer science department while he was still a junior at the college, demonstrating their faith in his abilities. After gaining real world experience, Gasana went on to co found Optimum 7, a well-known internet SEO company. Gasana refined the strict seo methodology with new real world marketing scenarios and branding aspect after some time, and got together with business partner Eric Rosado, and created Karma Snack – an digital marketing agency responsible for over 67,000 top page rankings.

Karma Snack’s growth has been steady and successful and the company currently employs over 115 employees in Boca Raton. Growing via mergers and acquisitions, Karma Snack is regarded as one of the best online marketing companies for 2012 and is well known for its effective online marketing strategies. Gasana is intimately involved in the day-to-day operations of the company as well as its strategic plan for future growth.

Currently, Karma Snack works with Well’s Fargo, Merchant Data Services, pairing Gasana with one of the largest online banking and transaction systems in the world. Via this partnership, Karma Snack processed over $3 billion worth of transactions in 2010, in addition to doubling its market share via a variety of Karma Snack led initiatives. Gasana’s innovative web advertising and marketing tactics have made his company an effective partner in MDS’s online ventures.

In addition to his work with MDS, Gasana has also developed a number of successful ventures, including JGWealth.com, JP54Fuel.com, E-StockLoans.com, and A2ZBigLoans.com, which have provided a high return to investors, while increasing Gasana’s presence in the growing internet based financial sector. This flexibility is one of the hallmarks of the Miami SEO expert and is a key to his success.

Advice For New Entrepreneurs

When speaking with new internet entrepreneurs, Gasana shared his strategies for successful online marketing and promotion. In addition to focusing on specific methods for success, he quoted the Emperor Hadrian: “Brick by brick, my citizens: brick by brick.” By this quote, Gasana reminded his audience that the fundamental success of any company is ensured by attention to detail and a methodical strategy for expanding its market share and business.

As part of his lecture, Gasana focused on the importance of an effective and customer friendly brand identity: “Brand identity is key to a company’s success, colors, imagery, font, and vehicle of communications all play a role in gaining customer’s confidence.”

As a part of this strategy, he advised that the best colors for website or brand design were “cooler” colors, such as blue, as opposed to colors that are commonly associated with warning signs, such as yellow. In this way, he pointed out that new and returning customers alike were more likely to have a friendly and calming experience when perusing the company website.

Gasana also focused on how a business will face growing pains, but that these growing pains may in fact be opportunities for growth, especially if the business leadership is looking for ways to effectively take advantage of unexpected opportunities. This is especially important in the internet marketing and SEO business given the speed and nature of developments among web-oriented businesses.

Finally, by combining the strategy of slow and methodical growth highlighted by his quote and an awareness and ability to seize upon unexpected opportunities and the determination needed to weather growing pains, Gasana has demonstrated the route to success. It was this long term and business savvy internet marketing strategy that allowed him to combine the skills of a Miami SEO expert with an online marketing strategy in order to become an internationally known and successful internet marketing and financial concern.

The presence of an effective and skilled SEO company can radically improve the success of any internet related business. By building Karma Snack into the powerful digital marketing agency it is today, Adelard Gasana has proven the importance of having skillful and professional SEO advertising assistance in developing a successful business.

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