Yahoo Gives Karma Snack Award!

On April 18, 2009, in viral marketing, by Adelard

After months of hard work on the Karma Snack brand and working in close coordinating with the Web development team, Karma Snack has been give the Yahoo Award of the #1 “Miami SEO Company”.

2 weeks earlier, the MSN and Live Search Engines gave #1 Miami SEO Company Award to Karma Snack as well. Now all that waits is the coveted Google Award of #1 Miami SEO Company for organic. Current Karma Snack holds the #1 Miami SEO Company for local search, and has seen it’s rankings increase quick over the last two months with hard work and dedication.

Hopefully within the next 6 months Google will reward the young startup company that has gained buzz for having experienced staff members that have worked with top world recognized companies such as American Express, AOL, Quigo, Google, Yahoo, MSN, Nike, Chase, Ingram Micro, Dole, Wachovia, Bank of America, Citigroup, Toshiba, Formula 1, Porsche Racing, Apple, IPhone Dev Team, and more.

With a team that includes top business development experts, business analysts, sales and marketing development, and online web development, Karma Snack brings the next generation of online marketing solutions with a new age vision. The once 2-man operation has grown to over 20 employees on 3 different continents.

Karma Snack plans on expanding into the Latin American and European marketing to increase their online reach. With an office in Bolivia planned on opening in early May, the new kids on the block are going at the competition hard.

With an estimated over 100,000 people within the first day of launching the website, Karma Snack has had top CEOs, Web 2.0 Founders, bloggers, and celebrities such as Shaq give recognition as the place to go for increase your revenue online.

Some rumors surround the company of having advanced online marketing technologies that have proven to see fast indexing of web pages in as little as 9 minutes! This and the rumored “Project Avalanche” SEO tools have started an information feeding frenzy.

Karma Snack is best know for it’s marketing efforts of an international commercial loan website that has received over $15 billion on commercial loan request as of this writing.

Another great success story include the KO Dynasty MMA Sports Management Company, which Karma Snack helped get off the ground online. KO Dynasty fighters can be seen on Spike, MTV, VH1, ESPN, HD Net, CBS, Showtime, and more. KO Dynasty has worked with companies such as Respek Toe to Toe, Cage Side MMA, MMA Junkie, and more.

More great success stories can be found on Karma Snack’s Web Portfolio.

Karma Snack focuses on growing their client’s online revenue through SEO, PPC, and viral marketing. The goal of the company is to increase their client’s traffic, sales, and revenue, will eliminating unnecessary budget spending, which has helped out their client’s greatly in these tough times. Even in a recessions, online traffic, and most importantly leads have grown tremendous for Karma Snack clients. Some clients have reported 15 to 20% growth, per month in traffic and sales thanks to Karma Snack Internet marketing efforts.

Giving the high regard for Karma Snack from their clients, it is without question why Yahoo has given Karma Snack the coveted “#1 Miami SEO Company” Award.

Stay tuned for more developments on this story.

Growing The Team

On April 15, 2009, in Personal Revelations, by Adelard

Busy The last couple of days have been very exciting. I’m in the final stages of the Costa Rica Movie project, but more importantly I’m in the mist of building up a great online marketing company.

We’ve hired an All Star Business Development Director, A VP of Latin America, and have 3 addition sales guys. We’ve grown from 3, to a powerful team of 10 people relatively quickly.

I think the biggest advantage that we have is our knowledge of not online Internet marketing, but marketing metrics, population consensus, and business know how.

We have an awesome Data Analysts who used to work with American Express, Ingram Micro, and Humana to name a few companies. He’s able to crunch the numbers and give us the break down detail of if taking on this project makes sense.

Starting in May, thanks to our VP of Latin America, we’re opening up an office in Bolivia!!! We’ll be going down there soon to take a look at everything, and make sure everything runs smoothly. That’s freaking exciting, though.

Our Business Development Director has already begun opening up huge doors for us. If all goes well we are potentially going to be working on several digital media project for Dunkin Donuts, Red Lobster, Subway, Burger King, and PG. Had a great meeting on Tuesday at the Biltmore Hotel about that offer. Later on in the day, we had a conference call with P. Diddy’s Marketing team, so potentially we are close to closing that deal.

Later that day, my business partner and me went to Lucky Strikes to finish off the day, and talk about the future of the company. Most delicious Burger I’ve had in a long time. I’ll never forget the hostess though, a hot chick with a hotter yellow dress on, she was smoking. I’ll definitely be going back there again…

Thinks are looking really great. It’s weird, when you go after your dreams and goals, if you have enough skills and determination, nothing can stop you.

In the next couple of weeks, it’s crunch time, we gotta close out this month’s deals, finish up all the sales materials, and get the Bolivia office up and running, and then on top of that, I gotta get all these projects done. Looks like I’m going to be up at night for the next several weeks.

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