Karma Snack Launches

On February 18, 2009, in Internet Marketing Business, by Adelard

Miami SEO - Karma Snack The long awaited site, KarmaSnack.com launched late late Monday night. One of my boys Eric and his partners are running the new online business, go over there and show him some love.

This is one of the few places I endorse since I move 80% of my personal clients to them in the last two months. They’re awesome. They know their shit. They got the internet marketing game on lock. SEO, PPC, and what’s most interesting and blows me away is their Viral Marketing strategy.

I’m very close and know everyone behind the scene and they know their shit!!!

I’m actually in talks to them to get a “job”, LOL, there. Well not really, more like consulting for them. I can’t ever go back to the 9 to 5 rat race. Never again. Karma Snack! Smacking and Rick Rolling the competition left and right.

In other news, my Costa Rica project has some serious delays. We are trying to be up by friday, so we can start getting investors for funding of the project. Man I have a lot of work to do…

Customized TwitterCounter.com Design I added some widgets to my blog today. I liked the Customized TwitterCounter.com that Dani McDaniel uses on her website so I decided to make a quick 5 minute versus and put it on my site.

If you like it, and want to download it, click here.

I did it in about 5 minutes, so improvements can be made to it, like having the image itself clickable, instead of just the data that is pass from TwitterCounter.com. If you enjoy it leave me some feedback and comments on it!

FYI, The Tweeties Icons I use and included where created by Chris Wallace.

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