My New Home, Miami Beach

On August 1, 2009, in Personal Revelations, by Adelard

miami-beach-condoIt’s been a while since I blogged, but I’ve been supper busy. I just got a new Condo on Miami Beach, Overlooking the Ocean!!! I got a screen shot of the photo from my balcony.

It’s been a very busy last 5 months, with Karma Snack, and the new clients that have signed up. I’m very excited about the opportunity to flex my muscles in different verticals. I’m happy to say, that all the current our clients have seen an increase in traffic of over 300% within the first two months.

We tell our clients they will see results in 3 to 4 months, but I’ve been busy creating new SEO programs and scripts that have allowed us to take our Internet marketing efforts to the next level.

I’ve very excited as well, we just hired 2 new SEO experts that are starting soon. Along with our 4 sales reps and our team, we are now at 14 people. Things are really getting more exciting everyday.

I’m really fortune to have meet the right people at the right time, and now have great talent on our side. We’re starting to work with some new partners to increase our marketing efforts for our clients and show them even bigger results.

But really what I’m most excited about is my new place. It’s relaxing and for inspiration I just look at the ocean, and the vastness.

The sun also wakes me up early in the morning, so I can get the day started as early as possible. There are days now I’m up at like 6:30 watching the sun rise. It feels great to see one of my goals in life achieve, and oh I just turned 25 in July!

Miami Beach is my new home, and coming soon, the new brand spanking Karma Snack Headquarter office!!!