My New Home, Miami Beach

On August 1, 2009, in Personal Revelations, by Adelard

miami-beach-condoIt’s been a while since I blogged, but I’ve been supper busy. I just got a new Condo on Miami Beach, Overlooking the Ocean!!! I got a screen shot of the photo from my balcony.

It’s been a very busy last 5 months, with Karma Snack, and the new clients that have signed up. I’m very excited about the opportunity to flex my muscles in different verticals. I’m happy to say, that all the current our clients have seen an increase in traffic of over 300% within the first two months.

We tell our clients they will see results in 3 to 4 months, but I’ve been busy creating new SEO programs and scripts that have allowed us to take our Internet marketing efforts to the next level.

I’ve very excited as well, we just hired 2 new SEO experts that are starting soon. Along with our 4 sales reps and our team, we are now at 14 people. Things are really getting more exciting everyday.

I’m really fortune to have meet the right people at the right time, and now have great talent on our side. We’re starting to work with some new partners to increase our marketing efforts for our clients and show them even bigger results.

But really what I’m most excited about is my new place. It’s relaxing and for inspiration I just look at the ocean, and the vastness.

The sun also wakes me up early in the morning, so I can get the day started as early as possible. There are days now I’m up at like 6:30 watching the sun rise. It feels great to see one of my goals in life achieve, and oh I just turned 25 in July!

Miami Beach is my new home, and coming soon, the new brand spanking Karma Snack Headquarter office!!!

I get a lot of requests for Internet marketing, and search engine optimization. I’ve worked for several Internet marketing companies. I’ve also prospected several Miami SEO companies for my personal clients.

Karma Snack is one of the best companies out there that is really doing big things. I have used them for a number of my clients now, and have seen awesome results. I even use them for a lot of person projects. I’m so involved in the company now, it’s like I work there. I’m still in negotiates with them to come on board and take a position at Chief Technology Officer like I was at when I worked for Optimum 7, where I helped build the company from the ground up.

Before that I worked at the now defunct, as Internet Marketing Director, but was only there for 4 months, since the company completely collapsed due to decisions made years before I got there. I even did some interviews with other companies that provided “Internet Marketing”, and “Search Engine Optimization”.

I learned a couple of this at my previous positions and through my experience since developing websites since 1995. Here are the top 12 things you should consider when think about going with a Miami SEO Company:

1. How do they handle their customers? Do they always answer the phone, or at least call you back immediately? Are they available to be reached after work hours? I don’t understand how a lot of corporate companies miss that.

2. How do they handle their employees? Do they pay them on time, every time, and even when they leave the company? How does their employees response to their clients, are they happy to be working there? Does the company make sure the employees are comfortable with their work environment, and doesn’t overload them with ridiculous amounts of work?

3. Do they treat their customers with respect? Do they give them advice and knowledge on how they can take part in improving their website and their online rankings? Do they always have an open dialogue and line of communication with them?

4. Do they get their clients results? Are there case studies, and testimonials from theirs about their results?

5. Do they always answer their client’s problems in a timely manner?

6. Do they bombard clients with over zealous requests, since remember, they have a business to run too!

7. Do they have a process that works to get things done? Do they having a project management system? There is a great tool to get things done – Base Camp offers a great service for just that.

8. Are there brainstorming sessions for new creative ideas for their clients? Internal brainstorming helps show the clients that you are thinking of them, and ways to improve their rankings. External brainstorming with the clients is also necessary to understand from their perspective where they want to go and how you can get them there.

9. Do they provide advanced tracking tools like a lead management system to handle your inflow of incoming leads? Karma Snack does.

10. Their presentation is key. Do they have a website that looks like you know what they are doing, and is vivid enough to convey that message that they get your problems and can answer them? If so they are golden.

11. And Repeat question 4. Do they get their client results?

12. Are their prices too low or too high? I mean an average national SEO campaign for medium to highly competitive keywords and industry should run at about 25K to 50K, if you want to dominate the marketing. Local should be around 10K to 20K. If a company is offering some 299.99 price deal, is there really quality in the work? Remember you get what you pay for, and in this economy no one can afford to through money at a none profitable marketing campaign.

Karma Snack gets it, that’s why I use them for over 90% of my personal website design and Internet marketing clients. Visit their website for more details –

A Rebirth is coming 2.16.2009

On February 12, 2009, in Personal Revelations, by Adelard

Facebook Versus Twitter A Huge project I’ve been working on for the last 6 months is finally going to be revealed soon. I’m very excited. It represents my transformation from where I am to where I’ve always wanted to be.

Due to the investors and sensitive nature of the project I’ve had to fly to Costa Rica for the launch and will stay here through all of production. hint hint.

Alot of work with pre-production had me running around Miami looking for soundtracks for movie(s) that came out over a decade ago, but it looks like it’s finally paying off. Hopefully the launch will be smooth. I’ll post the new project url as soon as it goes live here!!!

Creation & destruction are two aspects of the same single force. The universe is a constant cycle of both. Both are equally necessary.

[Excerpt: Now this process at first and all through must be regarded as double–the light and the dark sides. One of the streams of divine energy is constructive, the other destructive; one of them is life, building forms; the other is death, breaking them up. Both are equally necessary, for destructive energy is going to destroy every form when it has served its purpose, in order that the materials used in the form whose purpose is over may be taken up by the constructive energy and built into a higher form. This process is what we call evolution. At every stage of the downward curve in which form becomes more prominent and life more veiled, forms will be brought into existence by this descending energy. Against it there will be working a destructive energy, which breaks up these forms as soon as their purpose is served, and they become outworn. There are thus two opposing streams of energy, by one of which forms come into existence and by the other of which they are constantly broken up, in order that higher forms may be built from their materials. There is no increase of matter it must be remembered, constant change, constant transmutation, but no increase and no diminution. Evolution consists on the form side of this process of destroying the lower forms that the higher forms may come into existence.] – The Light and Dark Sides of Nature

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