To The Competition

On March 8, 2009, in Personal Revelations, by Adelard

I’m sorry I outrank you for your profitable keywords. I’m sorry every move you take, you are only are taking a small step in my shadow. I’m 5 steps ahead of you, since I’m 5 times better than you. I put in 10 times more effort, with 20 times more skill that you.

While you were complacent in your 9 to 5 work hours, I was absorbing knowledge and studying your tactics from Midnight to Midnight. I didn’t sleep for days and learn to control and dominate whole markets.

When you worked, I worked. When you ate and took your hour long lunches, I worked. When you slept I worked. Now, I’m on top.

I rearranged the landscape, you can’t even recognize your own terrain anymore.

Your home turf is now unfamiliar. I aligned myself with your competition, we took over the world and split it 50/50.

Now your drowning, you don’t realize it yet, but you soon will be forgotten. I define my market. I dominate the industries I touch.

There is no where you can hide, for every hour you put in, I put in 3 times more. You have an 8 hours work day, I haven’t slept in weeks.

I haven’t forgotten all of you whom owe me money. I still didn’t get all my money, so I’m coming for your clientele in exchange.

You mimic my moves, but can’t copy my style. You lack the swagger to understand the moves I can make. You’re stuck watch me, in awe,

“How did he do it? How can he outrank me within 2 days in a field I’ve been going at in 2 years?”

The answer has been in front of you. The reason I get thrown 80K to 120K job offers every week. I’m the one of the best. My track record proves it, everything I’ve ever done has come down to this final show down.

And to your unfortunate luck, you are one of my last few standing competition. Tell Lucifer it wasn’t my turn yet when you next see him for me.

Now I truly understand, every time I tried to get out, the forces kept pulling me back in; Because I’m suppose to win, here is my domain, this is where I belong.


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A Rebirth is coming 2.16.2009

On February 12, 2009, in Personal Revelations, by Adelard

Facebook Versus Twitter A Huge project I’ve been working on for the last 6 months is finally going to be revealed soon. I’m very excited. It represents my transformation from where I am to where I’ve always wanted to be.

Due to the investors and sensitive nature of the project I’ve had to fly to Costa Rica for the launch and will stay here through all of production. hint hint.

Alot of work with pre-production had me running around Miami looking for soundtracks for movie(s) that came out over a decade ago, but it looks like it’s finally paying off. Hopefully the launch will be smooth. I’ll post the new project url as soon as it goes live here!!!

Creation & destruction are two aspects of the same single force. The universe is a constant cycle of both. Both are equally necessary.

[Excerpt: Now this process at first and all through must be regarded as double–the light and the dark sides. One of the streams of divine energy is constructive, the other destructive; one of them is life, building forms; the other is death, breaking them up. Both are equally necessary, for destructive energy is going to destroy every form when it has served its purpose, in order that the materials used in the form whose purpose is over may be taken up by the constructive energy and built into a higher form. This process is what we call evolution. At every stage of the downward curve in which form becomes more prominent and life more veiled, forms will be brought into existence by this descending energy. Against it there will be working a destructive energy, which breaks up these forms as soon as their purpose is served, and they become outworn. There are thus two opposing streams of energy, by one of which forms come into existence and by the other of which they are constantly broken up, in order that higher forms may be built from their materials. There is no increase of matter it must be remembered, constant change, constant transmutation, but no increase and no diminution. Evolution consists on the form side of this process of destroying the lower forms that the higher forms may come into existence.] – The Light and Dark Sides of Nature

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Retirement not going as planned…

On February 11, 2009, in Personal Revelations, by Adelard

Internet Marketing Retirement Well it’s the 2nd 3rd day of retirement after I quit my internet marketing full time job and decided to only concentrate on my online projects and my movie products.

As I predicted the phone calls started coming in. I used to be overwhelmed before, but now I’m almost having panic attacks whenever the phone rings cause it’s someone usually trying to get me on a new project, or pitch me a new deal. It’s craziness.

It sucks that now I also have two cellphones and well I don’t even answer my house phone every so that really doesn’t bother me. I’m backlogged for weeks with projects, but more opportunities keep finding me.

I gotta figure out how to disappear from the earth if anything, at least for 2 months so I can get catch up.

Question, how do you get turn down projects and postpone them? I have a general process but I think it’s all screwed up. I look at my workload and it’s constantly increase, and this is AFTER I quit my job…

Retirement sucks…