Karma Snack 2.1 Finally Out

On January 2, 2010, in Internet Marketing Business, by Adelard

you-too-would-want-the-best It was a long road to get here, but Karma Snack 2.1 is finally here. 2.1 represents a refocus on direction of our marketing message. We are here to help business achieve their ultimate goal of online success.

Talent Show
A couple things that can be noted is the Talent Show (http://www.karmasnack.com/talentshow/) scheduled for January 25, 2009 to launch, we’ve been working on this surprise for months now, and it’s almost here.

Knowledge and Fonts
We revamped the Knowledge center (http://www.karmasnack.com/knowledge/) for better usability, and engagement. Through the site you will notice the fonts are a lot easier to read. That was the result of several months of data analysis of our A/B split testing results.

Back To Retro
Most of our fans miss the old retro theme we launched with back in February 2009, so we bring most of the elements back through the site. Some of it can be noticed on the contact us page, and inner pages of the site in general like the services page (http://www.karmasnack.com/services/). We know that several of our competition have talked about our retro look, some really hated it, Arthur, others loved it. We’ve got some fans like PepperJam employees that loved it enough to make it their twitter background. Thank you everyone for your feedback!!

Now clients can have access directly to our staff member’s direct lines, twitter accounts, and blogs they have on our staff page (http://www.karmasnack.com/company/staff/). We want to create better user engagement with our team and show the faces behind Karma Snack. There has been a tremendous amount of growth in client results, and I have to thank our new Marketing team lead by Jason Riner and Joelle Ayala. Their expertise and knowledge has allowed us to creating some of the most successful marketing campaigns to date.

Our Portfolio (http://www.karmasnack.com/portfolio/) has been revamped and includes some of our newest clients, so check out our latest work and results for clients.

The lifestream (http://www.karmasnack.com/stream/) is still going at 110%!!

Let me know what you think of the updated design, and if you have any questions or suggestions to improve it! Thanks!

A Love That Could Never Be

On April 18, 2009, in Poem, by Adelard

A Love That Could Never Be
Category: Life
I remember the first time I saw her,
Cute, timid, and yet so sexy,
Voluptuous large bosom and Coke bottle curves.
Her eyes sparkle like a snowflake on a winter night sky.
Luscious pink cotton candy lips,
Her smile radiates ones soul.

That moment seeing this fallen angel
I made her my mission and my life,
To seduce this goddess into loving me,
To provoke a feeling of desire within her,
There is nothing else that matters.

Just once, I wish I could stroke my fingers
Through her Deep Dark Brunette hair.
Pull her close, and kiss her sensually down her neck.
Whisper sweet nothings into her ear,
Pronounce my love for her,
Give her this world as well as the stars.

But she has love for another,
Knowledge of this heart wrenching discover,
My world has fallen apart.

May I wish that she is happy and content,
And may the gods give me a chance if it is not so.

My Love,
You will always have a piece of my heart,
You will always own a piece of my soul,
Even if we cannot be,
There, for you I will always be.

– Adelard G.

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Split Second of Perfection

On April 18, 2009, in Poem, by Adelard

That moment in time,
I lived my life for you,
You lived your life for me,
That’s was my piece of Perfection.

Now we don’t speak anymore,
Now we can’t even stand each other,
Now we bring curse & harm to one another.

But I will always remember that brief
Passage in time, my piece of Perfection.

I wish I could tell you how much I loved you,
show you my gratitude for you,
hold you for one longer second.

Time moves on I guess,
So will we,
We probably won’t ever see each other again,
Won’t be there to comfort the other,
Won’t be there to enjoy the other.
Won’t know how life turned out for one another.
Will you reach your goals,
Will I reach mine,
Perhaps not,
Not without you.

One day, maybe in the another lifetime, perhaps,
We can share another piece of Perfection.

– Adelard G.

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