Social Media Blitz

On January 1, 2010, in Internet Marketing Guide, viral marketing, by Adelard

ninaj-blitz I remember the old days when Article Marketing Blitzing was all the rave. What I haven’t seen on a big scale though is Social Media Blitzing. I mean really, a company can generate huge amount of brand equity, traffic, and sales from doing a full-scale blitz utilizing all of the major and minor social media sites. And the crazy thing about it is that it would work more efficiently than Article Marketing Blitzing, and have faster results. Here’s how a blitz should go.

Create accounts on all of the major social media websites. This is going to be the most tedious task, but once complete it will be worth it. There are literally thousands of social media website, and some of them like Diigo, Bebo, Blogger, WordPress, and others allow you to backlink to your website like crazy. The strategy though here is to interlink to your other social media profiles. This will create a social media hub of authority websites passing links to each other for your niche. Also don’t forget to use your keywords, long tail or short tail as your profile name. This creates valuable keyword rich real estate on authority websites.

The plan is to go from social media website, to social media websites building up the profile/account with friends, activities, etc. So for example if you have a Myspace account (yeah, I know it so old, but still has authority), one day, all you would do is gain new friends, posting bulletins, and send out messages. Then the next day move to Facebook, do the same, install applications that allow you to aggregate RSS feeds from your website, blog, and other social media profiles you have onto Facebook as well. The next day move on to build your Diigo account, interlinking everything building equity, using keywords with everything you do, then move onto your WordPress. Create content, backlink to your other accounts and other aspects of your website.

Now, with WordPress for example, you will probably only create one blog per day, so what you do is, create the blog, then go generate backlinks to that blog post the rest of the day. Make sure that you are sending 80% of your backlinks within this link to your website, and the other 20% to your social media accounts.

Come up with a calendar scheduled of what social media site you are going to focus on that day, and stick to it. If you have a 30-day calendar, and are doing this on only 10 social sites to get started, that’s 3 days a month you are focusing on each niche. I would spent about 2 to 6 hours a day on this blitz, and if you have employees/friends to help you out, the better. But stick to the scheduled.

Once you start deploying your strategy, make sure you are flexible. Creating content is VERY VERY VERY important, so getting a copywriter to create UNIQUE content might be necessary if you are not the content writing type. The important thing here is placement of the content, when placing content on WordPress, Blogger, and your website for example, ALWAYS have the WordPress and Blogger content backlinking to your original article on your website. This eliminates any duplicate content problem. Create a scheduled for deploying your content, and what site you will deploy it on. Then create a schedule for promoting the content on twitter, or your Facebook status, etc. There are some social media sites like Plurk, Posterous, Delicious, and Digg, which you should use to promote the content.

Here is my blueprint.
Put content A onto main website. That day, stumble it with StumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit. Then 2 days later publish it into my WordPress, Blogger, etc. That same day promote the content on my status social media sites, twitter, etc. Once done promoting, gain new friends, followers, etc. And build up that account. Then do the move the next day move on to the next account to build up.

In the end you should have 3 calendar schedules, one to build up accounts, the 2nd to publish content, the 3rd to promote content. This is what the Linkwheel strategy is all about. Now what’s going to help is automating a lot of this stuff with scripts, Automator (MAC OS X), or APIs that the social media websites have. Getting a programmer involved is going to help out a lot.

If you do this strategy for about 2 months, you will have a tremendous amount of viral traffic on your website, targeted traffic going to your website from the content you created, and will have created an inward vortex of traffic that generates sales. The key here is to build up your social media accounts with friends, and activity, publish unique content onto your accounts, and backlink 80% of the time to your website, and the other 20% to your other social media accounts. What this does is move authority trust to your website quickly, send you viral traffic which search engines see, and send you targeted visitors. This works excellent for a website that for example is brand new, PageRank 0, and needs a ton of traffic quickly. Within 1 month you should see a huge improvement in overall traffic using this method.

I can’t give all my secrets away on the exact strategy I use, but this is part of the overall framework for generate a lot of targeted and focused traffic quickly. If you have any questions comment and I will be glad to answer them. Have a great 2010!!!